Your glass deserves to stay brilliant

Here's how:

Showers need to breathe. Keep them well-ventilated. Let the air flow out, especially for steamer units. Sometimes they leak during the first week after installation. This is normal. Let us know and our team will take care of everything. Keep your shower clean. Once your glass has gotten wet, use a window cleaning tool or a clean dry cloth. Get rid of dust, dirty liquids, fingerprints, or stains. It’s worth the effort.

Harmful cleaning products can damage your glass. Don’t use harsh or chemical cleaners, abrasives, polishes, or acids. Take care of your glass. You’ll appreciate the difference. We recommend Windex™, SprayWay™, 7th Generation©, or Scrubbing Bubbles™. But if you really want the best...

The final touch to any glass project. Glisse’s unique cleaning spray keeps your glass as brilliant as ever. Easy to use, safe for glass, helpful for you. Stay brilliant. Stay beautiful. Stay happy with your glass & mirror by Glisse.

Now that you know what Glisse can do, what can Glisse do for you?

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